Biodiversity in a city – Abidjan

Cities can hold a surprising amount of biodiversity. Abidjan, in Côte d’Ivoire, may not instantly come to mind as one where one can see much nature. And indeed, if you walk the streets of the center, it’s mostly buildings and cars that attract the eye. However, I had the good fortune to spend some time in hotel Sol Beni, in M’Pouto, that lies at the shore of an arm of the lagoon in which Abidjan is located. Walks in the morning were enjoyable and showed that this city of millions still holds a wide variety of life.

Biodiversity in a ricefield area

One does not have to go far to find an amazing array of biodiversity, even in a big city. This post however, contains some images of animals just about ten minutes cycling from where I live. These animals are not always big. Egrets can be fairly large, but spiders and dragonflies are not. This particular ricefield area, aside from having this large array of species, also provides rest and food to a threatened bird species that makes yearly migrations from north to south and vice versa. This bird is the Spotted Greenshank, Tringa guttifer, which is classified as Endangered (EN) by the IUCN. ( It is included in the images below.