Bird watching with school students

In January 2018 students of a school in Dong Hoi went birding. The school organises regularly out-school events so that students learn and see more of the outside world. In collaboration with this initiative we organised bird watching in the ricefield area behind Hai Thanh ward in Dong Hoi. Bird watching was combined with discussing the importance of birds in the landscape and the threats they face. The next day the students gave a presentation on what they had seen and learnt.

Nature education on the beach

In July 2016 we started with nature education activities in Dong Hoi, Quang Binh province, Vietnam. These are photographic impressions. The children liked it, had fun, and enjoyed the day. Although it was successful, we found that there was a lack of “living” nature. We didn’t work with actual crabs or snails, for instance. In that sense it could certainly be improved, which we tried in a next event.